EcoBlock 101 Infographics

Appliances 101: Know your heat pumps Cover
Appliances 101: Heat Pumps
Appliances 101: Induction Cooktops Cover
Appliances 101: Induction Cooktops
Know Your Electric Vehicles
Appliances 101: Electric Vehicles
Know Your Microgrids
Appliances 101: Microgrids
Appliances 101: Efficient Washers
Appliances 101: Efficient Washers
Appliances 101: Clothes Dryers
Appliances 101: Efficient Dryers
Utilities 101: Utility Poles Cover
Utilities 101: Utility Poles
Retrofits 101: Rain Gardens cover
Retrofits 101: Rain Gardens
Retrofits 101: Laundry to landscape
Retrofits 101: Laundry-to-Landscape

The 2030 Equitable Climate Action Plan (ECAP) was adopted by City Council in July 2020. The ECAP is the City’s 10-year plan for mitigating and adapting to the climate crisis in ways that improve racial equity across Oakland. Available on the City of Oakland Sustainability website page and here.

EcoBlock Phase 1 Report

“Accelerating the Deployment of Advanced Energy Communities: The Oakland EcoBlock” CEC-500-2019-043, April 2019. Available on the CEC Website, also below:

California Public Utilities Commission Whitepaper

von Meier, A. & Kammen, D. The EcoBlock Project and the ‘Own Use’ Exemption under Public Utilities Code Section 218 – A Way Forward for Privately Operated Microgrids. View Report

Additional Reading

  • Brown, Nahas, and Wolfson. “Unlocking the Potential Eco-Makeover of Urban Residential Neighborhoods.” Download
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Training Programs

EcoBlock is a participant in the Norcal Resilience Network’s Resilience Hubs Leadership Training Program.