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The EcoBlock hypothesis is that the most cost-effective way to drive zero-carbon energy, deep water conservation and resilient urban systems is by addressing components together, on the block-neighborhood-district scale.

EcoBlock is a radical retrofit of existing residential homes, creating a block that is more resilient to power outages, has improved indoor air quality, and allows residents to co-own the main means of their energy production. The Oakland EcoBlock project is creating a technical, legal, financial, and social roadmap to decarbonize cities through block-by-block urban retrofits that reduce energy and water consumption and reduce tailpipe emissions from gasoline powered cars through support of electric mobility and carshare.

The EcoBlock project proposes an integrated approach that combines many disciplines related to sustainable urban living:

Urban Planning and Process
Design and Construction
Business and Finance

The California Energy Commission (CEC) funded Phase 1 and is now funding Phase 2 of the Oakland EcoBlock Project (Contract Number: EPC-18-013.).

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