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Strategies for a Resilient and Carbon Neutral Future

EcoBlock is a deep retrofit of existing residential homes to improve resilience, sustainability, and quality of life for all community members.

EcoBlock is creating a model for block-scale community retrofits with in-home energy & water-efficient upgrades, electrification, solar, and storage

ecoblock neighborhood cross-section

Solar PV on existing roof

Shared bicycles

Shared electric vehicle (EV) and EV charger

Street trees

Distributed battery storage

Electric lines for distribution

Rain gardens

Pad-mounted transformer

Central battery storage

Insulation and improved thermal comfort

Shared electric scooters

Electrification and improved indoor air quality

Energy- and water-efficient appliances

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The California Energy Commission funded Phase 1 and is now funding Phase 2 of the Oakland EcoBlock Project (Contract Number: EPC-18-013.).

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