Headshots of Therese Peffer, Miriam Aczel, and Kate Ringness. Text above reads: Happy Energy Efficiency Day!

Celebrating Energy Efficiency Day

October 5 marks Energy Efficiency Day, a nationwide campaign that celebrates the benefits of sustainable energy use. The EcoBlock team is certainly no stranger to efficiency–in fact, here are some of the ways they conserve energy in their daily lives.

National Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month banner

EcoBlock Celebrates National Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month

The EcoBlock team stands with local residents, partners, and all those working for environmental justice. We celebrate the contributions of the Hispanic/Latinx community and will work to create an equitable, sustainable future for all.

A girl in a traditional Mexican blouse and skirt

A Community That Cares

During the 1960s and 70s, Fruitvale was a hotspot for widespread activism. The Chicano Movement, born from frustrations of socio-economic and racial inequity, was one call to action.

Plumes of smoke rising from a nuclear power plant

How is Electricity Generated, Anyway?

We use electricity to turn on the lights, charge our phones, and participate in a wide variety of activities. But where exactly does electricity come from?

Historic brick and stone building at corner of Washington and Ninth St. in Old Oakland.
Design & Construction

An Architectural Blast into the Past 

Oakland has one of the most interesting architectural legacies in the Bay Area: Art Deco, Beaux-Arts, and Victorian buildings are scattered throughout the city, and famous architects such as Julia Morgan and Frederick Law Olmstead have left their imprint on the urban landscape. Even though new developments have put this history in danger, a local group in Old Oakland is making sure it is preserved.

Illustrated cross section of home demonstrating home efficiency.
Design & Construction

Decarbonizing My Home 

What’s it like to electrify in the Bay Area? EcoBlock’s Sandy Robertson reveals the advantages (and potential drawbacks) of living in a decarbonized home.

Man wearing a mask hammering molten metal in workshop.

Empowering Aspiring Artists

The art industry can be difficult to break into without connections, resources, and a lot of luck. A group of Oakland-based organizations and volunteers are working to support local artists by sharing their work and exposing a wider audience to the power of art.