A row of three modular housing units covered with vibrant murals.

A Colorful Housing Collaborative

There are an estimated 700 unhoused, “transition-aged youth” between the ages of 18–24 who live in Alameda County. Youth Spirit Artworks (YSA) is a Berkeley-based non-profit organization that has taken groundbreaking steps to help these individuals as they enter adulthood.

A fleet of three San Francisco ferries gliding across the water on a clear day, with the Bay Bridge and San Francisco skyline in the background.
Urban Planning & Process

Smooth Sailing Across the Bay

While they may not be as fast or convenient as BART or the Bay Bridge, ferries are a key part of the Bay Area’s public infrastructure. EcoBlock’s Amit Cohen explores the history of this maritime mode of transportation.

Colorful assortment of fruit and vegetables arranged on a dark tabletop

Minimizing Food Waste: Summer Recipes to Savor and Save

With summer well underway, bringing with it a plethora of fresh fruits and vegetables in season, read on for some recipes to reduce food waste—including crunchy veggie chips, leftover fruit crumble, Persian tahdig, and more!

The California Hotel

Welcome to the California Hotel

While neighborhoods are not static, maintaining an area’s historical and cultural character can help create a sense of place. Such is the case with the California Hotel in West Oakland–recent renovations have maintained the building’s historic exterior while giving it a new role in its community.

A man posing in an Oaklandish-branded black t-shirt and army green jacket against an urban backdrop.

Rooted in Oakland

Clothing is a way for many to express their identity, whether that be a cultural influence, favorite sports team, or lifestyle choice. Oaklandish, the Oakland-based clothing brand, has become a way for residents and visitors to represent their connection to the city.

Two people wearing construction hats and vests reviewing a construction drawing. A residential neighborhood under construction against a backdrop of rolling hills and a city skyline.

2022: EcoBlock in Review

The EcoBlock team reflects on key project milestones from the past year and enters 2023 with renewed hope and optimism. As we prepare for construction, we are energized by the progress our team has made—and this wouldn’t have happened without the EcoBlock residents, who have dedicated their time and effort to this ambitious endeavor.

A rural part of Cambodia. A strip of land with a shack and some livestock in the front borders a body of water where a small blue boat floats, with a boy standing in the boat.

Microgrids in Cambodia: Promoting Rural Energy Access

Cambodia has one of the lowest electrification rates in Southeast Asia, with a large difference in energy access between city and rural residents. EcoBlock Postdoctoral Scholar Dr. Miriam Aczel looks at one creative solution utilizing smart community microgrids that could be a model for bringing power to Cambodia’s under-resourced areas.