Two people wearing construction hats and vests reviewing a construction drawing. A residential neighborhood under construction against a backdrop of rolling hills and a city skyline.

2022: EcoBlock in Review

The EcoBlock team reflects on key project milestones from the past year and enters 2023 with renewed hope and optimism. As we prepare for construction, we are energized by the progress our team has made—and this wouldn’t have happened without the EcoBlock residents, who have dedicated their time and effort to this ambitious endeavor.

A rural part of Cambodia. A strip of land with a shack and some livestock in the front borders a body of water where a small blue boat floats, with a boy standing in the boat.

Microgrids in Cambodia: Promoting Rural Energy Access

Cambodia has one of the lowest electrification rates in Southeast Asia, with a large difference in energy access between city and rural residents. EcoBlock Postdoctoral Scholar Dr. Miriam Aczel looks at one creative solution utilizing smart community microgrids that could be a model for bringing power to Cambodia’s under-resourced areas.

A square-shaped smart thermostat depicting a home’s indoor temperature.
Design & Construction

BECC Webinar Recap: ‘Equitable Digitalization of Residential Energy Technologies’

The use of residential smart technology has led to new energy efficiency investments, but important questions remain regarding who benefits from home energy digitalization and how to ensure it is equitable. Empowering and engaging with people, particularly the most vulnerable, is key to better understanding and utilizing these technologies.

A woman with blonde hair dressed in shades of brown browsing her phone in front of a blue electric vehicle and electric vehicle charger. Fall foliage and clouds are in the background.

Making the Switch

What is it like to own an electric vehicle? What are some pros and cons of EV ownership, and why switch to one in the first place? EcoBlock Senior Advisor Kate Ringness shares her impressions as a new EV owner.

Headshots of Therese Peffer, Miriam Aczel, and Kate Ringness. Text above reads: Happy Energy Efficiency Day!

Celebrating Energy Efficiency Day

October 5 marks Energy Efficiency Day, a nationwide campaign that celebrates the benefits of sustainable energy use. The EcoBlock team is certainly no stranger to efficiency–in fact, here are some of the ways they conserve energy in their daily lives.

National Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month banner

EcoBlock Celebrates National Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month

The EcoBlock team stands with local residents, partners, and all those working for environmental justice. We celebrate the contributions of the Hispanic/Latinx community and will work to create an equitable, sustainable future for all.