Stylistic illustration of an electric home surrounded by an electric vehicle, solar panels, whitegood appliances, and transmission towers

Living in an Electric Home

Home electrification offers many benefits: it can improve occupant comfort, better indoor air quality, and lower monthly energy costs. EcoBlock Mobility team lead Dr. Tim Lipman shares his experiences with making the switch to an electric home.

A landscaped front yard

Saving Water

California continues to face water scarcity and drought. EcoBlock Water team co-lead Sandy Robertson highlights simple ways to conserve water both indoors and out.

Fetzer's purification system, where billions of worms live

Worms and Wine

California’s severe water shortages have led to crop loss for many wine country grape growers. One Mendocino winegrower, Fetzer Vineyards, has found an innovative system to treat wastewater—worms! Learn more about the winery’s worm-tastic wastewater treatment system.

clear-cutting of a forest in progress, tall trees being cleared

Climate Action, Agriculture and Behavior Change: The Urgency of Now

COP26 calls attention to the need for coordinated global action on the climate crisis to promote sustainable farming, redefine water and land use, end deforestation, and more. Read on to learn more about author Michael Pollan’s view on why sustainable agriculture is so critical, and the important role of individuals in combatting climate change.

COP26 Conference Logo

COP26: A Critical Opportunity for Climate

The 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) is a key opportunity to catalyze global efforts and address climate change. Learn more about why this year is so critical, and the importance of California climate leadership.

a rain garden with flowering plants

Rain Gardens: An Infographic

Rain gardens collect precious rain water and also help to beautify a yard. By providing a simple form of rainwater harvesting, rain gardens enable cities and homeowners alike to save valuable rain water. Check out this infographic to learn more about stormwater runoff and how to make your own rain garden! 

Flume Smart Home Water Meter

Measuring Water Use with Flume

California has been a leader in improving residential water use efficiency since the 1970s. The EcoBlock team is planning to install Flume Smart Home Water Monitor systems, which can help detect if a leak happens and help preserve critical water resources.

a landscaped rain garden

Water Conservation and Stormwater Mitigation: EcoBlock Designs and Strategies

The Water team has been developing ways to implement water conservation and stormwater management strategies for the Oakland EcoBlock. Some of the strategies include installing water-efficient appliances, rainwater harvesting systems, and modifying landscaping strips for stormwater management and filtration.

sunlight shining through trees in a forest

Celebrating World Environment Day

For nearly 50 years, the United Nations’ World Environment Day has been celebrated each June 5th. This year the event is being hosted by Pakistan and the theme is ‘Ecosystem Restoration’. Take a look at the history of this event and some of the most significant achievements from the past decades.