Aerial view of residential rooftops with solar panels

Residential Microgrid Equipment: An Infographic

Microgrids are an intriguing way to create a cleaner, more energy secure future, but their complexity goes beyond solar panels. In fact, connecting a home to a microgrid requires several key pieces of equipment. Check out this infographic to learn more!

a suburban neighborhood view from the sky

Event Recap: ‘Getting to Zero: Trends in the Built Environment’

The Oakland EcoBlock team recently participated in a panel discussion at the 2022 Diversity in Tech Symposium. EcoBlock’s Eunice Chung provides a recap of the discussion, which considered decarbonization in the built environment through the lenses of business, policy, and research.

Natural gas-powered stove with flames

Goodbye Gas? The Benefits of Phasing Out Natural Gas in Homes

Electrification—the process of replacing fossil fuel technologies with ones that run on electricity—is making strides in California. In line with this aim, EcoBlock is phasing out natural gas on the block. Learn why moving towards all-electric is a win-win: it creates a healthier community and planet.

Stylistic illustration of an electric home surrounded by an electric vehicle, solar panels, whitegood appliances, and transmission towers

Living in an Electric Home

Home electrification offers many benefits: it can improve occupant comfort, better indoor air quality, and lower monthly energy costs. EcoBlock Mobility team lead Dr. Tim Lipman shares his experiences with making the switch to an electric home.

Induction cooktop with cookware and various kitchen ingredients

Induction Cooktops: An Infographic

Induction cooking is a relatively new technology with many advantages. Powered by electricity, it is cleaner and more efficient than cooking with traditional gas. Check out this infographic to learn how induction cooking works!

Reusable containers

Reducing Household Plastic Consumption

Purchasing fewer single-use plastics and more recyclable items can go a long way. The problem is, almost everything is wrapped in plastic: drinks, ketchup, shampoo, lotion, you name it—it comes in a plastic bottle. Read on as EcoBlock Project Manager Dr. Therese Peffer shares her resolution to reduce her plastic consumption.

A Diagram Highlighting The Neighborhood Block As The Ideal Scale To Drive Zero-Carbon Energy, Deep Water Conseravtion, And Resilient Urban Systems

Event Recap: ‘Resilience at Scale: Granularity, Aggregation and the EcoBlock Model’

On Thursday, October 28, EcoBlock Principal Investigator and co-Energy team lead Dr. Alexandra “Sascha” von Meier gave a presentation at the C3DTI Symposium on the Digital Transformation of the Built Environment. In her talk, Sascha described the Oakland EcoBlock’s progress to date and explained the working hypothesis guiding the project.