A girl in a traditional Mexican blouse and skirt

A Community That Cares

During the 1960s and 70s, Fruitvale was a hotspot for widespread activism. The Chicano Movement, born from frustrations of socio-economic and racial inequity, was one call to action.

Man wearing a mask hammering molten metal in workshop.

Empowering Aspiring Artists

The art industry can be difficult to break into without connections, resources, and a lot of luck. A group of Oakland-based organizations and volunteers are working to support local artists by sharing their work and exposing a wider audience to the power of art.

Aerial view of Jack London Square including harbor with boats.

The Square By the Sea

Situated across the Bay from the Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco, Oakland’s Jack London Square is an entertaining district for tourists and residents alike. EcoBlock’s Amit Cohen explores the constant redevelopment of this historic waterfront as it navigates a long-standing, cross-bay rivalry.

Neighborhood scene with dog walker and biker.

Tree Planting for the Oakland EcoBlock

Anyone can plant a tree, but making sure it thrives is another story. In this article, Sherwood Design Engineers provide seven simple steps to ensure tree planting success, as well as tips for care after planting.

Woman planting small shrub while another woman polishes the earth.

EcoBlock Celebrates Earth Day

The EcoBlock team is delighted to celebrate Earth Day and Earth Month 2022! Join in the fun as EcoBlock’s Miriam Aczel shares ideas for celebrating Earth Day and honoring the environment in our community.

Illustration of several people planting and pruning trees

EcoBlock Tree Guide: Decorating the Block

Picking a tree is a matchmaking game. Sherwood Design Engineers is gathering a list of the best tree options for the Oakland EcoBlock that have relatively low water usage, low isoprene emissions, and high resiliency in a changing climate. Learn more about Sherwood’s tree selection process for EcoBlock.

Schematic showing proposed West Oakland Bart redevelopment

Environmental Justice: The Past and Future in Oakland

Living in a clean and safe community with access to opportunities for employment, education, and transportation are key to promoting individual and community well-being—yet not all individuals have equal access to these resources. In this blog, EcoBlock communications assistant Anna Haefele discusses the concept of environmental justice within the context of Oakland, highlighting historical challenges and future opportunities to advance social equity and improve quality of life for communities.

A woman in a black t-shirt posing inside a brightly-colored restaurant

Indigenous Ingredients Invite Interest

Wahpepah’s Kitchen is part of a rapidly growing movement to publicly reclaim Indigenous culture and space through a universal medium: food. EcoBlock intern Amit Cohen shares how Chef Crystal Wahpepah is bringing a wave of Indigenous cuisine to Oakland’s Fruitvale District.