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Environmentalism in Oakland

Place-based efforts play a key role in improving communities’ sustainability and resilience to climate change. EcoBlock intern Amit Cohen writes about Oakland’s environmental journey and highlights how community groups have driven progress on climate and public health issues in the City.

A home in the Aardehuizen community in Olst

The Aardehuizen Project: A bold vision for a community microgrid

The Aardehuizen Project is a community microgrid serving 23 homes in Olst, Netherlands. few other ecovillages around the globe that have been built at a scale as successful as the Aardehuizen. In this blog, Erin Yu highlights why Olst become the ideal location for a sustainable community and highlights several factors critical to the community’s success.

A sign that says "This House is Solarizing"

Solarize: the grassroots initiative that cut solar costs up to 35%

In 2009, a forward-thinking campaign in Portland, Oregon sought to speed up the transition towards clean energy by streamlining the installation process and reducing costs. The grassroots Solarize movement was able to foster a community invested in solar energy that could achieve cost savings through bulk purchasing. Read on to learn more about the innovative program and other more recent Solarize campaigns across the United States.

Planting seeds of resilience

Urban beautification and community gardening are making the City of Oakland cleaner, greener, and more beautiful. While planting trees, flowers, and other greenery help provide shade, improve air quality, and increase access to local food, it can also bring people together to share knowledge and build meaningful relationships. Read on to learn about some of Oakland’s exciting urban beautification and gardening projects.

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Strengthening community through Resilience Hubs

Resilience Hubs are community spaces that provide critical services and resources to meet residents’ needs in both everyday situations and during emergencies. Through the NorCal Resilience Network’s Resilience Hubs Leadership Training Program, the EcoBlock team is learning from communities throughout the Bay Area how to better support each other and the planet, and help build a more resilient EcoBlock.

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Celebrating World Environment Day

For nearly 50 years, the United Nations’ World Environment Day has been celebrated each June 5th. This year the event is being hosted by Pakistan and the theme is ‘Ecosystem Restoration’. Take a look at the history of this event and some of the most significant achievements from the past decades.