What 4 Things are Holding Up Community Microgrids?

Community microgrid projects yield numerous benefits: they keep critical services running during power outages, provide reliable electricity for remote outposts, and can even save lives. Mahmood Muttaqee, a doctoral candidate of public policy at Oregon State University (OSU), and his team are expanding this body of knowledge by investigating community perceptions of microgrids.

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Air sealing and insulation are foundational to high-performance homes and have numerous interactive benefits for the homes and their occupants. PG&E’s Air Sealing and Insulating Existing Homes webinars provide job-ready strategies and techniques for building more durable, healthy, comfortable, and energy-efficient homes.

22 Intriguing Microgrid Projects to Watch in 2022

Microgrid Knowledge: The Oakland EcoBlock was selected as one of 22 microgrid projects to watch in 2022 in a Microgrid Knowledge feature piece published on January 11, 2022. The projects

The 12 Heat Pumps of Christmas

EcoBlock Design/Construction team member Keith O’Hara visits electrification retrofits by Eco Performance Builders as part of their “12 Heat Pumps of Christmas” series.