Oakland EcoBlock Residents Officially Join Community Association

Member onboarding for the Oakland EcoBlock Community Association nears completion!

As of June 2022, 14 homeowners representing 25 units (24 residential, 1 commercial) have signed the Membership Agreement and officially joined the Association. Led by a Board of Directors, the Association is a democratic, non-profit mutual benefit corporation that governs block management and decision-making. The organization serves as a method of collecting the necessary funds for the continued operation, maintenance, and insurance of the community solar microgrid after the EcoBlock research project formally ends; it also aims to ensure the equitable distribution of energy and allocation of costs. Through the Association, the Oakland EcoBlock participants will collectively own, and be responsible for, managing shared assets such as the microgrid controller, battery storage, solar photovoltaic (PV) panels, and a shared electric vehicle (EV) and curbside charger.

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