Electric vehicle carsharing

The EcoBlock will incorporate a small number of shared Electric Vehicles that will be available to block participants on a reservation basis (and for an hourly fee) through a third party car share program. The availability of these vehicles may allow resident households to get rid of their second car, or defer a new or used vehicle purchase, something the project will closely evaluate. The vehicles will be charged with clean EcoBlock power, making them a low carbon transportation option.

Source: Maven

DC based charging stations

Unlike conventional EV chargers that use AC power even if they deliver DC power to the vehicles, the EcoBlock chargers will operate off the power from EcoBlock DC microgrid. A specialty set of EV chargers located at the curbside will be used for the project to recharge the shared-use EVs directly from DC power, improving overall charging efficiency.

Source: Sesco Electrical

Electric scooter docking and charging

If desired by block residents, the project will install an e-scooter docking and charging station to organize e-scooter parking and make e-scooters readily available for use by the block.

Source: Swiftmile

Shared Bicycles

The EcoBlock will include provision of a few shared bicycles with cargo capability for running local errands such as grocery shopping. These will be available on an on-demand basis and securely locked when not in use through combination locks.

Source: Worksman Cycles

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