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EcoBlock Celebrates LGBTQ Pride

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“Climate justice is founded on the principles that we all deserve a planet where we can thrive and be safe. Queer and trans communities embody a model of a world that lends itself well to this vision by creating communities that sustain and celebrate all of us in our authentic being.” 

— Aletta Brady, Anthony Torres, and Phillip Brown, “What the Queer Community Brings to the Fight for Climate Justice,” Grist 

EcoBlock Celebrates Pride Month 

The EcoBlock team is honored to celebrate Pride Month 2022, a celebration of the LGBTQ community and a recognition of the ongoing fight for equity, acceptance, and human rights. As we work to develop and share community energy knowledge, we applaud the contributions of the LGBTQ community while recognizing that LGBTQ justice is integral to climate justice.  

Climate Justice and the LGBTQ Community 

As the climate crisis continues to progress, natural hazards, environmental pollution, and other challenges arising from unchecked emissions disproportionately impact socially and economically vulnerable communities, including those who identify as LGBTQ. According to True Colors United, members of the LGBTQ community are significantly more likely to be unhoused and lack basic necessities, both of which are major factors in a person’s resilience in the face of extreme weather patterns. This and other impacts demonstrate that climate justice is inseparable from justice for the queer community.  

EcoBlock stands with the LGBTQ community in fighting for social and environmental justice and remains dedicated to reducing harm to traditionally underserved groups. We aim to create an equitable and holistic blueprint for decarbonization by working with communities to improve in-home energy efficiency, implement block-level photovoltaic solar power, and build local resilience. We hope these efforts serve to enhance the safety, equity, and resilience of all members of our community.  

Learning Resources 

GLBT Historical Society 

Library of Congress Resource Guide: LGBTQIA+ Studies 

The Outwords Archive 

Oakland LGBTQ Community Center 

UC Berkeley LGBTQ History Resources 

UC Berkeley LGBTQ+ Resources (GenEq) 

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