Modernizing the Electric Grid: Sascha von Meier Makes Case for Novel Technologies

Future Power Technology: The $1.2 trillion Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act allocates over $27 billion in direct funding and borrowing authority to modernize the U.S. electric grid. But this is no easy feat—with extreme weather events on the rise, how can novel grid technologies help transform the nation’s energy landscape?

In a recent Future Power Technology magazine story, EcoBlock senior advisor Dr. Alexandra “Sascha” von Meier shares how flexible grid management, high-definition data monitoring, and solar-plus-battery microgrids can address climate change. Noting the U.S. is “definitely moving in the right direction” in regard to improving national infrastructure, Sascha says: “I think the question is, not if, but when these things will be adopted, the more we feel the impact of climate change, the more we will be motivated to do long term planning and make the investments.”

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