California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) Delays Vote on Net Billing Tariff

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) has postponed its vote on a proposal that would revise current Net Energy Metering (NEM) rules and establish a new Net Billing Tariff.

According to the CPUC, the proposed decision on the Net Energy Metering Tariff, commonly known as NEM 3.0, “determines that NEM must be modernized to incentivize customers to install storage paired with rooftop solar to help California meet its net peak shortfall and ensure grid reliability. The Proposed Decision adopts more accurate price signals that will promote greater adoption of customer-sited storage, which will help California decrease its dependency on fossil fuels during the early evening hours, when the sun is down and energy demand is high. The proposal also includes a bill credit for Net Billing customers to ensure customers can pay for a solar plus storage energy system in 10 years or less through electric bill savings. The bill credit is designed to phase out while helping the solar and storage market continue to grow.”

The CPUC had originally scheduled to vote on the proposal during their January 27, 2022 Voting Meeting. However, the current meeting agenda (PDF) does not list the proposed decision as a discussion item. A new date for the vote has not been announced.

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