California Opens Proceeding on Multi-Property Microgrids, Value of Resilience

Microgrid Knowledge: California is topping off the year by opening its next effort to advance microgrids, part of a far-reaching proceeding underway since 2019 that will now delve into multi-property microgrids, the value of resilience, and community microgrid incentives.

Designated as Track 4 (phase 2) and Track 5 of the microgrid docket, the undertaking is outlined in a memo issued Friday by Genevieve Shiroma, the lead commissioner on microgrids at the California Public Utilities Commission (Rulemaking 19-09-009).

The commission will look specifically at creating a tariff for multi-property microgrids—what information it should include, its terms and conditions, and how it will protect ratepayers.

The schedule calls for the multi-property microgrid tariff inquiry to kick off in June 2022 with final comments due in November 2022. The value of resilience proceeding begins in the second quarter of 2022 and runs into early 2023.

The commission seeks comments on the utility proposal for the Microgrid Incentive Program by January 14, 2022, and expects the proceeding to run into April 2022. The state’s three investor-owned utilities filed the plan December 3. In it, they outline how they will manage the $200 million program, which funds microgrids proposed by communities.

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