Fight Climate Change with Your Undies – Hang Dry Week (August 22 – 28)

Join Electrify Now, Solar Oregon, and African American Alliance for Homeownership for a week devoted to Hang Drying Laundry.

Hang Dry Week (August 22 – 28) – Hang dry your laundry, take a picture, and post it to #hangdryweek or email it to Win prizes for posting pictures and celebrate the original form of solar energy! Learn more and how to hang dry at

Low Impact Laundry Webinar (August 25, 12 – 1 PM PDT) – Join the Electrify! Coalition for a webinar on low impact laundry where they’ll talk about Heat Pump Dryers, which use 60% less energy than standard dryers, as well as Hang Drying. Register here.

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